December 7, 2009 it snowed in Oakland.

Redwood Park Skyline Gate

This is rare. I’ve never seen snow on a bay laurel tree before. I think of snow on needles, but not on leaves.

Snow on bay laurel tree

Looking toward the East Ridge Trail

Here are some links for those who liked the Oakland snow:
Snow on Claremont Avenue in Oakland/Berkeley hills
snow day in east bay hills
Snow in the O!
Bay City News Service
New York Times
Tearln’s Skyline Snow 12/07/2009 Flickr set

2 Responses to “Snow!”

  1. RachelB Says:

    Cool! The boyfriend noticed a car in a parking lot on his way to BART that morning that had snow on it and stopped to make and throw a snowball, but we didn’t get any in our neighborhood.

  2. Quercki Says:

    I had to go about half-way up Shepherd Canyon Road before I saw any snow on the ground. But that’s not very high.

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