The letter to the Salvation Army

I explain in this post what I’m doing, and I include here the letter I’m sending to inspire you to pick up your own teaspoon. (scroll down to the definition of “teaspoon” on that link.)

Salvation Army
Major C. Patrick Granat
Alameda County Coordinator
Oakland Corps
P.O. box 510
Oakland, Ca 94604-0510

December 23, 2010

Dear Major C. Patrick Granat,
In previous years, this envelope would contain my usual large annual donation to your organization. Please check your records to find out how much I have given for how many years. I want to explain what you did that makes this year different.

It has come to my attention that the Salvation Army discriminates against homosexual people they employ. I’ve discussed this with a surprisingly well-informed red kettle bell-ringer who explained that the Salvation Army quit offering benefits to domestic partners so it wouldn’t appear that the Salvation Army condones homosexuals being in loving committed relationships.

I don’t want to appear to condone hate or discrimination.

Your job requirements also discriminate on the basis of religion. There are other local charitable organizations that provide shelter and transition to stable housing without discrimination. I have re-directed my donations to one of them. I have blogged my reasoning publicly. I read that donations to the Salvation Army are down this year—maybe it’s because of the discrimination?

Please let me know when you change your policy, start advocating for gay marriage, or break with the national organization so that Oakland’s Corps can do the right thing. Otherwise, put me on your “do not mail” list and save a tree.


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