1st United Services Credit Union

1st United Services Credit Union is very focused on the East Bay. They have the most branch offices (eleven) in Alameda and Contra Costa County of any C. U. in Oakland, and don’t need to use C.U. shared branching. List here includes their ATMs. The Co-op ATM network is also available for free. The annual meeting is in Pleasanton at the headquarters, so members may attend easily.

1st United Services Credit Union was one of the first credit unions in the State of California. The credit union was originally founded in 1932 as City & County Employees’ Credit Union to serve Alameda County Employees. 1st United Services C.U. has $788 million in assets, and 47 thousand members.

They make it easy to leave your bank with a Switch Kit (pdf)
To join you must put at least $25 in savings and $25 in checking.

The minimum balance listed for regular savings to earn interest is $100, but as of November 3, 2011, the rate is only 0.05%. Their highest savings rate is 2.02% on a 60-month bump certificate of at least $2000. If they advertise a higher rate on those certificates, you can bump up to the higher rate once during the term.

They have free 1st basic checking. No minimum balance required, no direct deposit required. Checks are $17.50 for 150 checks. Returned/bounced checks cost $25 each.

The member services agent recommended 1st interest checking. For $1000 minimum balance, you get a free box of checks each year and one $25 fee waived per year. The interest paid is 0.05%, so you’d earn at least fifty cents a year on your $1000 minimum balance.

They have a Sharing is caring program. Refer a friend and 1st United will donate $10 to Alameda County Food Bank or Toys for Tots. Sharing is Caring

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